Momo's Choice

I'm off work today and was able to sneak up on Momo to get her book pick to share with all of you.

So, without further adue, here is Momo's Choice!

Glen Duncan's I, Lucifer.

The Prince of Darkness has been given one last shot at redemption, provided he can live out a reasonably blameless life on earth. Highly sceptical, naturally, the Old Dealmaker negotiates a trial period - a summer holiday in a human body, with all the delights of the flesh.

The body, however, turns out to be that of Declan Gunn, a depressed writer living in Clerkenwell, interrupted in his bath mid-suicide. Ever the opportunist, and with his main scheme bubbling in the background, Luce takes the chance to tap out a few thoughts - to straighten the biblical record, to celebrate his favourite achievements, to let us know just what it's like being him.

Neither living nor explaining turns out to be as easy as it looks. Beset by distractions, miscalculations and all the natural shocks that flesh is heir to, the Father of Lies slowly begins to learn what it's like being us.

Reason for being one of my favorite books: This is probably one of the first books that, as hokey as it sounds, kinda changed my life. It made me look at my own thoughts and beliefs. Also, I discovered that books can be the perfect combonation humor and self reflection.

Reason for being Momo's Choice:  It has one sweet looking cover.

Well, that's it for Momo's Choice. I recommand this book for those who are not faint of heart because well parts of it can be a little tough to read. However, the writing is great and I'm not going to lie, the opening paragraph, is one of my favorites.

Solider on book nerds! and Happy Valentines Day!