For I Have Sinned - Darynda Jones

We get to see from the dead’s point of view and how they see Charley? Oh my goodness! How can I resist?

“Darynda Jones revisits the sexy, suspenseful world of supernatural shenanigans she created in her Grave series with For I Have Sinned.  In this Charley Davidson story, Charley helps a woman find out how she died and gives her the closure she needs to pass through to the other side.”

This little short story gem is between books one and two of the Charley Davidson series and can is say, it’s amazing? It’s a juicy little tidbit of awesomesauce that gives a peek into how the departed see our favorite Grim Reaper. There’s not much to go on with the description, but just let me say that this a very fast read that simply provides with the point of view young woman who upon first meeting Charley, doesn’t remember who she is or how she died. Within a manner of a couple hours, Charley does help her remember who she is and also what it takes for her to pass through.

That’s the general gist of the story. What I love about this quick read, is how Ms. Jones lets us see what the dead see in Charley and how they see the world around them. My favorite description of Charley is right after she wakes up and Charley has bed head, but she describes her as a wild animal with her crazy hair and golden eyes. We also get to see what the spirits experience while passing through Charley. We all know that Charley is pretty bad ass, but through the young woman, we see that Charley is just like any other woman with certain dreams and hopes. It reminds us that though Charley is a bad ass grim reaper, she is also human.

(and just and FYI: I did read Fourth Grave Under My Feet and review will be coming. It’s totally amazing! Oh Darynda Jones…I love you)