Something Deadly This Way Comes-Kim Harrison

Oh Kim Harrison. I love your books so much.
There. That said…

Something Deadly This Way Comes is the third installment of the Madison Avery series. Madison is indeed sassy and smart, like most young adult heroine are, but she is also slightly reckless, a wee bit headstrong, and more than slightly determined to prove that given a chance and choice, a soul bound for fallen from grace can be saved, sparing the life and the soul.

In this edition, Harrison thrusts Madison further than the previous books. Madison discovers more of her powers as the Dark Timekeeper, such as being able to stop time, her relationship with Josh grows, and her band of renegade angels are beginning to understand what she is attempting to do.
But when Madison attempts to rekindle the love of life in an issued laden teen named Tammy, she fumbles and makes things even worse for the girl. Now Madison must attempt to fix the mess she’s in while fighting off a Light and Dark Reaper and her own self-doubt.
Harrison is so good with creating specific phrases that her characters say. For her Hollow series, her protagonist constantly says “Crap on toast” while her side kick pixy is always saying some a little dirty about dear ol’ Tinkerbelle. Madison’s phrase is “puppies presents.” A cute little euphemism. Don’t get me wrong…I have the mouth of a pirate, but there is such a thing as too much. It makes the characters unique and it gives them the alternative to cursing.

The plot moves along at the pace it should and then BAM! Surprise! Harrison lets Madison find her body. Finally! I was starting to wonder if poor Madison would ever be able to eat French fries again. I loved how Madison’s body is in the same condition it was when she died the night of prom in a car crash: the torn, tattered, and blood stained dress, dried blood on her arms, a bruise across her chest from the seat belt. With all the beautiful imagery Harrison uses to describe the joy of getting her body back, she punches it with humor with the poor gal dancing around needing to use the bathroom.
The action scenes were well written, showing the passion of angels and how out of place Madison is. My favorite scene, however, is after the battle for Tammy in an empty bus station. Paul, the rising Light Timekeeper, and Tammy are walking out and they are stepping over bits of debris and destruction talking about what just happened and how Tammy can save her soul. The imagery matches the despair, I feel, that Tammy feels. And then with a little guidance, walking away and leaving it all behind.
Madison is a bold teen character who is more real than most I have read. She’s so much fun to get behind and at the same time being able to smack yourself in the head for the things she says and does. I wouldn’t mind reading another adventure of Madison, the Dark Timekeeper, finally reconnected with her body, with her friends by her side trying to change the world.