Side Jobs-Jim Butcher

In preparation for the NEW Dresden Files book, Ghost Story, I checked out Welcome to the Jungle and Side Jobs from the library (see previous post for Welcome to the Jungle review). And I need to do some lovefest drooling right now for Mr. Butcher.

Mr. Butcher. Or Jim. Can I call you Jim? Jim, you are by far my favorite writer and have developed one of my favorite characters ever. Dresden is relatable as that crazy weirdo friend that always has your back, even if you get into a fight with a guy named Bubba who’s three times both your weights combined! At the same time though, he’s well, a wizard! An honest to go spell flinging wizard, who fights the good fight and makes the tough decision that I know I couldn’t make. So Jim, thank you for writing like you do and always making Dresden have the world on his shoulders to bear, because if he didn’t I don’t know who else would.

Lovefest finished.

Side Jobs is a great appendix to getting down to the nitty gritty of Harry Dresden. Not just Dresden himself as a character, but the supporting cast that keep Dresden on his feet: The former “Fist of God” Michael, the alpha female Sgt. Murphy, the sometimes-hard-to-handle apprentice Molly, the vampire half-brother Thomas, and of course,  let us not forget about Mac and the werewolves.

Restoration of Faith-pre-Storm Front
Vignette-Death Masks and Blood Rites
Something Borrowed-from My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding, between Dead Beat and Proven Guilty
It’s My Birthday Too- from Many Bloody Returns, between White Night and Small Favor
Heorot-from My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon, between White Night and Small Favor
Day Off-from Blood Lite, between Small Favor and Turn Coat
Backup-from Thomas’ point of view between Small Favor and Turn Coat
The Warrior-from Mean Street, between Small Favor and Turn Coat
Last Call-from Strange Brew, between Small Favor and Turn Coat
Love Hurts-from Songs of Love and Death, between Turn Coat and Changes
Aftermath-from Sgt. Karrin Murphy’s point of view, after Changes

As you can see, it would take me quite a while to review each individual story but I will sum up. Butcher does an amazing job giving just enough information to satisfy my Harry Dresden fix. The only stories I had read before I got this book was Restoration of Faith and The Warrior. The other stories help me understand Harry and his relationship with people and who he has grown from a na├»ve P.I. in training to his complicated relationship with Sgt. Murphy. Backup and Aftermath, the two tales that are told from Thomas’ and Murphy’s point of view, give a great outsider look on Harry Dresden. I loved hearing what Thomas and Murphy thought and felt about Harry. It helped me better understand this flawed and heroic character.

I suggest reading all the books up to Changes before reading this. I know there are like 13 books now, but I think this pallet of short stories is more of a supplement for fans rather than someone who doesn’t know who Harry Dresden is.

Jim Butcher…you never disappoint!