Super Secret Trailer Man!

I preface this blog with some background information about myself and William, my hubby-to-be/baby’s daddy. We met at a large national movie theater chain we both worked at. I quit. He stayed. He’s now a theater manager.

There…that done…I can continue…

While working at my second job (which is at popular shoe store) a week or so ago, William texted me telling me he had finally seen the surprise trailer for the J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg movie. No one knew the title of it at the time. There was nothing on the build up sheet (that’s a list of trailers that have to go on certain movies) that said it need to be added to Iron Man 2 trailer pack. It was just thrown in the can that the film came in. So they went ahead and added the trailer to the film (yes. 35mm film. It's still there). The trailer starts. It’s the late 1970’s. A train is leaving Area 51. Train crashes and a big monster escapes! The movie title: Super 8.

That’s it. That’s the super secret trailer that apperently upstaged Iron Man 2 and had nerds like myself and William in a tizzy.

I tried to search for the plot of the movie but it too apparently is a secret. This is all I got from my Google search: “In 1979, the U.S. Air Force closed a section of Area 51. All the materials were to be a transported to a secure facility in Ohio.” (

I love movies that are mysterious…but really? Mr. Abrams. Mr. Spielberg. Movie. Huddle up. Cause we need to talk. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love a great trailer that’s mysterious and ominous. But really?! That sort of trailer doesn’t make me excited about wanting to see a movie, it makes me furious! I need a little more bait for me to take the hook (and that’s not just because I’m pregnant). Maybe my high fluctuant B.A. Liberal Arts degree in English makes me over analyze and pick things apart and try to find the hidden meaning. Some times it’s a big pain the butt being related to me or being my friend because I will dissect everything little piece of movie, music, TV, book, whatever and sometimes I tend to ruin things.

Now, I totally believe that we (and by we, I mean a majority of Americans) have become so use to being fed what a movie is and what it should be and here’s the plot and yum yum gobble it up! And I understand that maybe Abrams and Spielberg are merely trying to make the viewing audience want more. Hell, that’s why it’s a teaser trailer, and it might be just me, but I feel this trailer just a little pretentious. The Star Trek trailer, great. Cloverfield trailer, a movie I didn’t see and one I really don’t care if I ever see, was decent. Though we didn’t see much, we saw what was important: The starship Enterprise being built (still pissed that scene wasn’t in the movie! I hate that! Why show me a scene that is awesome and then not put it in the movie?! Another blog…). We the saw point of view people having a kick ass time, and then all of Hades breaking loose. You had a good idea what these movies were going to be about, and there was still the mystery. And, the movie doesn’t come out till next summer. What?! Ugh. Stupid!

You know, this blog was supposed to be about prequels. You know, how everyone thinks this is some Cloverfield 2 or some kind of prequel to that movie. Looks like I got way off track. That’s okay. Next blog.

Candace : )