Oh...Travel Channel and your ghost hunting programs!!

I'm so happy I didn't have to work at Payless tonight. Why? Well because Friday nights is when Travel Channel busts out their ghost hunting programs: America's Ghost Adventures and Britian's Most Haunted. Now, I am a slight believer in the ghosts. I mean, there's always a possiblity. I have great respect for all things spiritual things because you never know what you could piss off. One of the reasons why I chose to stay away from cemetaries and oujia boards. You never know what you might let in. I guess I'd rather play it safe than end up looking like a crazy person talking about how there's a ghost in my apartment.

But what is so great about these two ghost shows? I mean, there are a ton of them now! SyFy has Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters Academy (which I'm totally pissed off that this stupid name spelling change. Totally a different blog); Discovery Channel has A Haunting and Ghost Lab; A&E has Paranormal State, Pyschic Kids, and Ghost Cops. So what makes Travel Channel's ghostly shows stand out? Well, they are both the type of show that makes you giggle at the hosts, who are way over the top and over dramatic, and sometimes they actually catch some stuff that is a little creepy.

Ghost Adverntures is something that I have sorta gotten into over the past year. I think it has something to do with the head host, Zak Bagans. My soon-to-be-husband does this total awesome parody of this guy that includes saying "Dude! The ghost is over there!" and then flexs his muscles and points in any given direction. Nick Groff tries really hard to keep up with Zak but simply lacks the body mass. Aaron Goodwin, well he just seems to their little ghost bait gimp. Poor guy. So all three of these guys combined make for pretty entertaining televsion. OH! But the best part? They have all these crazy gadets! My favorite is the Lawnmower Man Virtual Reality goggles that have a infered and a control that has a database of words that the spirit can use to communicate with these three ghost hunters. I know what you're thinking. You know what? Even a great ficition writer can't make this shit up. I saw it several times on TV and it's amazing. Truely and utterly amazing. And I love how they are so adiment that it's a functioning scientific device. Love it! Don't get me wrong: they have pulled some really compelling stuff with it and it can be creepy with that 8 bit computer voice. Oh! It's totally fabulous! I just love how me and my husband to be get into little spats during the show and how he always ends the spat with "Well, maybe he needs a tighter tshirt to find the ghosts!" I love my honey. :)

Aaron Goodwin, Zak Bagans, Nick Graff

The other awesome show is Britian's Most Haunted. Holy shit where the hell do I start on little nugget? First: lets start off with that it's a British TV show. Those dialects are just so amazing. Anything they say sounds super fascinating. You're instantly sucked in by Yvette Fielding and her Hot Topic goth trench coat and her bleach blond hair and her racoon black eyeliner. Then, from the moment the show starts there's instant paranormal activity. I guess the ghosts of England love this lady and her jumpy, whinny film crew. Then they parade around the pyschic. Oh...my bad: the medium. Lately they've been using this one guy who is well, kind of borning. Short little round Scots men with salt and pepper hair. And I'm not bashing him. It's just a description. I mean, I'm a short round Scots/German. But I'm a little extra round due to pregnancy. But what makes the show so awesome to watch is the old castles and manners they visit in U.K. They are unbelievable! America does have cool old shit like England. We dont have 15th Century castles! But the best...the best part of the show: every single person who particpates on this show loses their shit every five minutes. Amazing. I mean, I enjoy a good scare every now and then but these peopele seem to want to insite a freaking heart attack! Yeah. Pure awesomeness.
Yvette Fielding

So, I know they're are going to be people who say "Oh. Those shows are so fake!" or "Those shows are total B.S!" or "Zak really needs to wear shirts that actually fit him, and not suffocate him and his muscles." But what's wrong in just enjoying a show for the ridiculous factor? All those ghost hunting shows are fake on some level. And it's not about whether you are a believer or if you are a skeptic, I think people just don't know how to sit back and simply enjoy a good spooky TV show. In the words of the Mystery Science Theather 3000 theme song "It's just a TV show, you should really just relax."