Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Chihuahua Is Going To Take Over The World

We have a little 2 1/2 lbs chihuahua named Momo who is two years old. We named her Momo after the little flying lemur on Avatar: The Last Airbender (as awesome television program kinda destroyed by M. Night Shalaman. Or like my husband likes to call him, Shalamanadingdong). Momo the chihuahua is so dang cute and so dang small that my sister-in-law once asked us "where do the batteries go?"

Like any one who owns a dog, Momo has become more than just a pet. As much as we love Momo, she is more like our Muse. We have given her so many different names over the past two years. Obi Momo-Kanobi. Momo-neto. Captain Momo Picard of the USS Momo-prise. There have been so so many. So many wonderful names and incarnations for our little chihuahua. When it snows, she becomes a MomoAssassin: you wont see her coming till you see the blacks of her eyes!

Her newest name is Wonder Momo! Princess of the Momozans! With her Momo Lasso of Truth and Invisi-Momo Jet, she thwarts evil! I can see her in a little Wonder Woman outfit and it sends me into a fit of giggles.

This is courtsey of my husband. He is wonderful. And so is Momo the Chihuahua. She puts up with some much silliness. wonderful...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Inherit Nerdiness?

So life caught up with me. I had a baby. And let me say, being a mom takes it out of you. But, honestly, that's okay. I love my little nerdy baby girl Lorelei. Oh, that's right. She's a nerd from the get go. My husband and I joke around calling her our "A&E baby" because well, when I gave birth to her in the hospital, I had A&E on with a "First 48" marathon playing in the background. A little trippy.

I dreaded going back to work after my maternity leave. Hell, I dreaded going to work before and during my pregnancy. I hate getting up at 4am to work a 10 hour day and be away from my beautiful baby girl and my lovely nerdy husband. Ugh.

But back to my nerdy baby girl. She loves Star Trek! Yes! Star Trek! I know! Awesome! I found Star Trek onesies on (which also have some awesome super hero onesies) but after seeing that they are $12.99 a pop I said " you have cool shit but I don't think you'll be raping me of my dollars today." However, I have devised a plan to make a Star Trek onesie. And if my calculations are correct, I will spend less or equal amound of money making my own onesie. So that's the plan. Get some white onesies, some dye, iron transfer sheets, and then find an old school Star Trek symbol and BOOM! I got myself an awesome Star Trek onesie. I'm also going to make a Wonder Woman onesie. Lorelei loves Wonder Woman. She is totally Lorelei's favorite!

My mother says that Lorelie inherited my husband William and mine's nerdiness. I would have to say she just might be correct. Nerdtastic!!

Now...back to work...ugh...