Every Writer Needs a Tribe - Jeff Goins

Uga chugga. Uga chugga. Shark bate Uh A Ha!! (Yeah. I can't be anymore clever than that tonight, guys.)

The days of writing the next great novel alone somewhere in the woods and then mailing it in are over. Today, the authors that make the largest impacts and enjoy the most success engage regularly and meaningfully with their specific readership. If you wish to follow in their footsteps, then you must first build your tribe. In this book, you'll learn why constructing your own author platform--catered exclusively to your specific tribe of ideal readers--is vital to the hopes and dreams of digital writers. Moreover, you'll learn how the smart authors are building big tribes that allow their writing careers to thrive. From the five types of platforms to the one weird way to get a larger audience, you'll learn everything you need (and nothing you don't) about nurturing a thriving, raving readership primed to take writing career to the next level. See you inside!

First things first: shout out to my former boss/friend Jeremy for sending me this book. He's still my friend, don't worry. It's not like we hate each other. No way! Jeremy is like one of the nicest and coolest dudes I know! I mean, he let me write on scraps of receipt paper when I was a cashier and he was a manager at a certain office supply store. Anyway. I'm digressing. In short, he knew I was a writer and thought of me when he came across this book. That is super encouraging to know there are folks who seem to believe in me and my chosen art. So, thanks, man!

Alright. Review. Let's do it!

So I read this book shortly after NaNoWriMo was done. Me and my writing partner have this goal to have to have completed works done and then sent off to the necessary folks to make us successful. But as someone who is more of a novelist, I'll be honest. I never thought of my audience. Like, when I'm writing, I'm being selfish. It's all about me, me, me. What do I want to see? What world do I want to create? Writing is, for the most part, is a pretty solitary  form of self expression. 

But this book had me stopping in my tracks. What happens after my dream comes true? How the hell do I get readers? 

Thankfully, it's just by being a decent human being it seems. Jeff Goins reassures me that I'm doing right in that I need to not be afraid to chase the passion of creativity and not look for perfection. Writers...wait. Scratch that. All artists are their own worst critic. Don't get me wrong, there are times where I think I'm pretty damn clever. However, a majority of the time, I'm wringing my hands in worry that one touchstone of brilliance is a fluke. But, if I just put aside the need for perfection and just focus on the story and world I'm creating with the power of my thoughts, then I'll be okay. I mean, all that other stuff...that's what editors are for. 

I was also reminded that we live in the age of self publication and self promotion and to succeed in that, you got to give some a bit of you away to find the people that get you and your writing. Offer a sneak peak of a chapter. Do a giveaway of your book or something else. Anything that will bring in the people that are diverse but inclusive to what you are putting out in the world. And honestly, that's scary. I like the think of myself as confident, but my writing makes me self conscious. I don't know why honestly. I write from my heart and I suppose I'm afraid for it to be broken. But, for me to truly find my audience, to find my home dogs, I gotta put myself out there. This book shared tips and secrets to get out there. It's okay to be AFRIAD. But, like with anything, it's what you do with that fear that matters. 

I recommend this book to someone who needs a reminder of why they write and those who shake in their boots about they thought about sharing their writing. Because if you don't share, how can you find your tribe?

Thank you so much for reading! I hope it was insightful. By sharing my own self doubts and fears, this book has put me step ahead of where I was years ago. Why? Well, I already have a tribe. Granted, it's a tribe of two...but it's a start.

Remember to always be yourself. Unless you can be a pirate. THEN ALWAYS BE THE PIRATE!