I have been naughty! Naughty naughty!

Okay…March 1st…not as bad as I thought…but still!
So…yeah. I know. I’ve been a very bad blogger. It’s just been stupid crazy around my neck of the internet, and with all the stress of work and being a Mommy and a good little Wife, I just haven’t really been in the mood to blog. It had been harder and harder for me to read and actually enjoy my books. I have became well, jaded. Yes! There it is! The truth.
However, over the last month or so, I have discovered a few Vlogs on YouTube that have really wanted me to get back on the horse of blog writing and reviewing. I’m even thinking about doing a vlog myself, however, I would need to figure out the logistics on that since all I have in the way of a camera is the one on my laptop (and technically my phone) and have Windows Movie Maker. But, I’m thinking “heck, if these ladies here on YouTube can do it? Why can’t I?!” So, I’m going to be getting back on board with the book reviews here on the blog and working on maybe doing a vlog posts on YouTube.
Anyway, I’m going to go and knock out a review or two for you foxy fine folks to read. I know it’s not book related…but I leave you with this meme that is pretty much my motto for life: "Always be yourself. Unless you're a pirate. Then always be a pirate."