PSA-Tragedy in Denver

I love movies. Like books, they are that escape from reality we all need from time to time. At one point I use to work at a movie theater. I worked there for two years. Hell, that’s how I met my husband. I was technically his boss and all, but we fell in love there watching movies and speaking nerd.

Normally, I don’t say much when it comes to national tragedies because I know that everyone is feeling the grief and anger over what happened. But for what occurred in Denver, CO at the midnight showing of The Dark Knight rises, but I feel I have to. I was in middle school when the Oklahoma City Bombing happened, and I was in high school when Colombine shocked the nation. I was a freshman at the University of Central Oklahoma, sitting in university center drinking coffee watching the news when I saw the first plane crash into World Trade Center in New York. To me, those were true acts of terrorism. They still affected me, but not on such a personal level as what happened in Denver.

***Here comes the ranting and preachy part of my soap box speech. I promise I’m going to try to keep this calm and professional, but some bad words might slip in…***

To the victims, families of those injured or killed, and the city of Denver, CO: My heart is truly breaking for you right now. As someone who loves movies, and whose husband and friends are always going to Midnight shows dressed as characters for high profile movies, the theater should be a fun place to go. Not a place to fear. I know that this has tainted you, and justifiably so, but don’t let the person who did this to you ruin your love of movies or your life. It is a tough time for you truly, but know there are people throughout this nation, hell, even the world, who are sending you love and prayers. With enough love, we can stamp out the darkness.

To the Nation and the World: Please do not blame Christopher Nolan for this tragedy. It’s not right and it’s not fair. Movies, books, comic books, and all other forms of art is not what triggers people to do such heinous acts against their fellow man. Once a psychopath/sociopath, always one. This guy was already crazy when he decided make a plan on opening fire on a room full of innocent people who were just trying to have an awesome time watching the new Batman movie. Now and forever, this incident will be dubbed “The Batman Massacre.” Do not make Christopher Nolan anymore upset by blaming this on him. He had nothing to do with what happened. But if you do blame him, SHAME ON YOU!

To James Holmes: Fuck You. Simple as that. Some people are going to want to know why you could have done this and ruined the lives not only people in Denver, CO but the rest of the nation. A movie theater is suppose to be a safe and beautiful place to escape the world we live in today. But you decided to take a piss all over that, ruining the one happy place that we, as a nation, can leave the troubles of our lives behind for a few hours. Myself, I don’t really want to know what made you think that this was a good idea. I really don’t. I am not going to let your infamy reign. I am going to choose to remember those who died. Not you. Let me throw this out there in your face: You will be tried, and you will be found guilty for killing your fellow man. Now, if you get the death penalty or not, that is up to the State of Colorado. Normally, I am against death penalty, because I feel the worse prison is forcing them to live out their days under the watchful Eye of the Man knowing that he will never ever be free again. But, in your case, I could possibly turn to the other cheek, the one that lets you fry for killing the one thing that we as a nation could all rely on: The Movies.

So my piece has been said, and I will let it rest at that. I will say no more on this subject. I will let the families and the City of Denver mourn in peace. But let us all remember, don’t blame the entertainment industry for this. Blame the individual who decided to pull the trigger.