My Own PSA: When Life Gets In The Way

It always seems that Life likes to get in my way and prevent me from enjoy my time writing books reviews. In this case, it's my job as a claims adjuster. My work hours are 10am-7pm. And to be honest, I really haven't had that much time to read since getting out of training. I find that I am totally allowing my job to take over my life. Now, at this point in my life, not too sure what that means. But, I do promise you this: I will schedule more time for me, and that means going on far off adventures in books, allowing myself to be lost for hours. Because lets face it, I have the number three stressful job ever. And though being a full time working mom and wife takes up most of my time, I need to get back to what makes me happy: reading and writing. So, book reviews to come, I promise. Hopefully I'll have a review up for The Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan up by Monday night.

Nerd out and have an awesome weekend!
-Candace : )