A Quick Rambling: Deadliest Warrior

My husband and I have decided that our lack of cable television is not only a financial choice, but also a lifestyle choice. I mean, come on. All those channels and maybe a handful of shows are any good? Commercials? I hate commercials. They impede on my need to watch my shows uninterrupted.

Thankfully, there is NetFlix. I feel I must take a brief moment and say thank you for the creator of NetFlix. Thank you.

With NetFlix, I can enjoy the shows I love without the hassel of a TV/Cable network. No commercials. And I can watch an entire season in its entirety without having to be bothered by the "tune in next week" jitters.

One of my favorite shows that I have ever stumbled upon is Deadliest Warriors. I believe it was on Spike. I know. This show is geared towards over testosterone dudes, and not little nerdy scifi fan girls like myself, but I have always had a fascination with military history and weaponry. Might be the fact that I was raised in a military family. But, one cannot deny some of the ingenuity it takes to create weapons for war. Personally, I have always wanted a Trebuchet. It's a weighted catipulate. Don't know what I'd do with something like. Maybe bombard the jackasses that feel the need to play their music so loud in their cars while driving by my apartment, it threatens to wake my little one up. I have also always thought that weapons like swords and guns have a certain art in making them.

But what about Deadliest Warrior you ask? What the hell is that? Deadliest Warrior is a television program in which information on historical or modern warriors and their weapons are used to determine which of them is the "deadliest" based upon tests performed during each episode. The show is characterized by its use of the data compiled in creating a dramatization of the warriors' battle to the death. The show is hosted by three commentators: Geoff Desmoulin (biomedical scientist and high speed camera operator), Dr. Armand Dorian (medical consultant), and Max Geiger (simulations programmer). All three provide commentary throughout the show, as well as technical details of each weapons test.

Science? War? Weapons? Holy Crap! My kind of show! When my dad and I first discovered this show, we would take endlessly about the match ups and the results. I have know introduced it to my husband and I got him hooked. My personal favorite is the match up Pirate Vs. Knight. And Of course, the Pirate kicked some ass! A blunderbuss is another weapon I would love to have in my arsenal of shutting up my noisy apartment neighbors. I think my husbands favorite episode, however, is Vlad the Impaler vs. Sun Tzu. In the end, Vlad...well, he impaled poor ol' Sun Tzu. Yuck.

I am super happy to find out that there will be a season 3 of the show! But my dad might be a little put off since former Navy SEAL Richard "Mack" Machowicz from Discovery Channel's Future Weapons will be replacing Max Geiger. The guy gets on my Dad's nerves for some reason. Maybe it's the way he over dramatization of the weapons and certain scenarios? Ah. I don't know.

Oh! and side note, I tweeted how much I loved the show and I got a mention by Geoff Desmoulin back saying "ur not alone girl." Ack! Nerd spasm!

Is it strange that I love this show? Maybe. But what can I say? I love a finely crafted weapon of war.