An Open Letter to Nicholas Cage

Dear Mr. Nicholas Cage:

You make me sad.

Let me explain. Mr. Cage: ou have done some amazing films in your time. Leaving Las Vegas, Raising Arizona, The Family Man, Kick Ass, the National Treasure movies, Sorcerer's Apprentence. All excellent films. However, your recent release, Drive Angry in 3D, and the news that there is going to be a Ghost Rider 2, has put the kibash on your good films. I wanted to see Season of the Witch, but I feared that I would be wasting two hours of my life. Just like I did when I was tricked, yes tricked, by the flashy editing of the Bangkok Dangerous trailer. Another movie that looked awesome, but feel  so very short of the mark. Part me thinks that Ron Pearlman would help save Season of the Witch, but then I heard he practically phoned in his preformance. I understand your financial situtation. I mean, you have all your homes and a private island you have to pay for. But for people who are fans of yours consider this option: stop trying to play the super bad ass. Huh? Makes sense right? Lets look at your recent resume as of late: Con-Air, Ghost Rider, Bangkok Dangerous, Next, Drive Angry. No offense, but these types of bad asses as no good for you. Not at all. Be the bad ass like you are in Sorcere's Apprentence or National Treasure. However, I will give you your character is Kick Ass as a total crazy bad ass. That was a good role because, well, you actually felt sympathy for the character. His wife murdered and getting revenge with the help of his young pre-teen daughter? That's what it is. All your bad ass characters need to have something to contact to the audience. I say this as a hopeful novelist/screenwriter and fan.

So, I guess what I'm trying to get at is...could you please just stick to making movies with Disney and Jon Turtletaub? That seems to be a winning combonation.

And Drive Angry? What does that even mean?

*le sigh*
Candace :)

Nerd Out...